Friday, 24 February 2012

Joliebox February 2012 (Boudior Prive)

Finally my Jolie box came yesterday! 

At first I was a little disappointed with the size of some of the samples but for £10 it really is worth it, the box I'm definitely going to keep for my nail polishes and the samples came in a cute wee bag :). 

I was excited to get the Joliebox concealer brush free as a first time subscriber. It really is a great brush, brilliant quality and if you had the money, something you could spend £10 on alone. I don't use a brush with my concealer because I buy Gosh liquid concealer which comes with a brush but I think this brush would be perfect for eyeshadow which is what i will probably use it for.

The first sample in the box is an extremely small 'Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain' in Forever Pink. This is a lip stain by Jane Iredale which I think you can only get in one colour but in the description it says that it "adjusts to your mood and temperature".

At first I thought the description was a little bit over rated, so I tried it on my lips and it's more of a gloss that goes on clear. But I left it on and my lips started to look more and more pink, It was quite strange. The gloss faded quite quickly but there was a definite more darker vibrant colour to my lips for a while. And also it smells AMAZING! Fruity and floral at the same time :) I'm not one to wear glossy lipsticks but this is definitely one I'd purchase again. I checked out the website and unfortunately you cannot purchase this in the UK which I think is a bit pointless but you can buy it from american sites for around $25 which I don't think I would pay. I still give it 5/5 though.

The next product Is Lavera 's 'Basis Sensitive Organic Hand Cream'. I don't think the packaging does the product any justice for how brilliant it is. It smells absolutely amazing, it's like a lemon moose dessert in a hand cream and it leaves your hands super soft. I needed a new hand cream so I was excited about receiving this. This is only a 20ml sample size which I wouldn't call a deluxe sized sample but It's good so i'm not complaining. You can buy the full sized 75ml bottle HERE for only £3.75 which I was really pleased about because it really is a great product. I give it 5/5 (apart from the packaging).

The next product is Macadamia 'Deep Repair Masque' for your hair. I was really excited about getting this because I have heard really great things about it. This is apparently 'full size', full size sample more like, but still, it does cost $4.00 to buy this. You can get some great offers on Amazons UK site though so you should check that out. I haven't tried this yet so I cant really rate it but HERE is a really good review on youtube, how great does her hair look! I can't wait to try this, i'll keep you posted.

The next product I received was RMK Cleansing Oil. I really wasn't impressed with the one use sample I received but I thought I would give it a go anyway to see what it is like. The smell was gorgeous, a minty refreshing smell but I'm really not a fan of oil based cleansers at all, to sticky and messy, I usually go for a light liquid cleanser that you can leave on or a cream based cleanser. So I wasn't impressed with this at all. Its about £29 to but a 175ml bottle which I definitely wouldn't pay but some people have said really great things about it so it could be worth a try.

The last sample is the one I will probably use the most. It is TAAJ 'Himalaya Micellar Water' which is a water based eye and make-up remover. I received a 100ml sided bottle which I was quite pleased about because this will prob last a while. The smell of the product reminds me of the smell at a beauty salon, incense/Lavender type smell. I thought this was great when I tried it, does a really good job at removing left over makeup after cleansing especially strong and dark eye make-up. It felt like I was using a rich expensive product. It is a French product so you won't find it stocked in the UK but you can get a 500ml bottle on AmazonUK for £9.63 but p&p is quite steep at £8. I give this 5/5 but the price would put me off purchasing again.

I was quite pleased with the box overall, I do wish there was larger samples though especially the Lip Stain which is less than half the size of my baby finger. But most of the products were really great so I'm going to stick around with the subscription and see how next month goes, it's worth the £10 I think.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Emporio Armani Diamonds, Black Carat

It was a long anticipated wait for this bottle of Diamonds to arrive in the post! It was released at the end of 2011 and I've been waiting patiently since January for mine. The original Armani Diamonds being my favourite perfume I'm Sure you can sense my excitement.

As soon as you open the box you get that highly recognisable scent that you get from the original Diamonds. At first you think it's the same but once I sprayed on my wrists I could easily tell the difference. Although EXTREMELY similar to the original it's slightly more intense and stronger than before. There is also the slightest hint of a fruity twine to the scent, enough to make it an improvement but not enough to take away from the distinctive trademark scent of Armani Diamonds.

I put one spritz on myself in the afternoon and the scent still remained intact until the evening time, definitely an improvement on the original. The reason why I prefer this version is because it has a long lasting smell which the original didn't have, although there was an intense version of Diamonds released a few years back I never took to it because the scent was TOO intense. Black carat has a nice balance between both.

If I could compare Diamonds, with Black Carat I would say that the original is elegant and Black Carat is sexy. Even the bottle is sexy! Shiny Diamond cut black glass. I can safely say that I will not look forward to this running out.

I got this bottle free so I wasn't sure of the price, I checked out for you that the popular stores like boots and House of Frasier are selling Black Carat 50ml for £49. But is selling the 50ml bottle for £41, that was the cheapest I found online.

Friday, 17 February 2012

L'oreal Paris Resist & Shine Titanium

I got the L'oreal Paris Resist & Shine in "Electric Plum" as part of their free gift set. To buy in Boots it is £6.19 at the minute and they often have promotions in store  and online. This polish is probably one of my most used colours at the minute. It's very glossy when applied and maybe doesn't stay on up to 7 days, as it says on the bottle, but It does last without chipping for about 3 days.

Here I applied two coats, three would probably give a longer lasting finish but I like the colour outcome best after two coats. The photograph also shows the polish looking a bit more red than it actually is. It is labelled plum which I would agree with, it is very much a deep purply plum colour in normal day light. 

Hadn't I got this polish free in a gift set, I don't think I'd have picked it up. The colours available are limited and they are very conventional basic colours, nothing too out of the ordinary. However this colour ended up being really nice on and I would definitely purchase this again. What I like about the L'oreal polishes is how they are quite luxurious, the colours are quite rich and even the bottles give them an Elite look above other polishes. Maybe the lack of outrageous colours keeps the sophistication in the 'Resist & Shine Titanium' range.

No7 Stay Perfect Nails 'Christmas Edition'

These four No7 miniatures came as part of a set sold as a Christmas Limited Edition.
Colours 'Purple fantasy', 'Lilac Chill', 'Totally Teal' and 'Glitterball'.

I did three coats with the lilac and teal polishes but the purple only needed two coats as it's already a very intense colour and started to edge towards looking black with more coats. The colours are quite nice but for the majority I'm not sure I'd rush out to buy them in full size.

(I apologise for my short & messy guitarist nails.)

No7 will always be a favourite of mine because of how long the polish stays on. It's a very strong polish and I would usually go chip free for about 2-3 days. I applied the glitter on top of the purple polish to show you how this one looks, it gives a really nice effect but I think this is something I'd prefer to wear over a lighter colour polish. 

My favourite out of the four is 'Lilac Chill' When the light shines on it you get a really nice glow and the shade is just something I have never seen before with another brand, matted yet shimmery at the same time.

Only the teal is available to buy full size at the minute, which is really disappointing because I would love to buy the Lilac when my miniature runs out (which I think will be pretty soon at this rate!).
Full size to buy no7 Stay Perfect Polish is £7 from all Boots stores. Quite A reasonable price for the quality I think, and they do have some really nice colours overall.