Friday, 17 February 2012

No7 Stay Perfect Nails 'Christmas Edition'

These four No7 miniatures came as part of a set sold as a Christmas Limited Edition.
Colours 'Purple fantasy', 'Lilac Chill', 'Totally Teal' and 'Glitterball'.

I did three coats with the lilac and teal polishes but the purple only needed two coats as it's already a very intense colour and started to edge towards looking black with more coats. The colours are quite nice but for the majority I'm not sure I'd rush out to buy them in full size.

(I apologise for my short & messy guitarist nails.)

No7 will always be a favourite of mine because of how long the polish stays on. It's a very strong polish and I would usually go chip free for about 2-3 days. I applied the glitter on top of the purple polish to show you how this one looks, it gives a really nice effect but I think this is something I'd prefer to wear over a lighter colour polish. 

My favourite out of the four is 'Lilac Chill' When the light shines on it you get a really nice glow and the shade is just something I have never seen before with another brand, matted yet shimmery at the same time.

Only the teal is available to buy full size at the minute, which is really disappointing because I would love to buy the Lilac when my miniature runs out (which I think will be pretty soon at this rate!).
Full size to buy no7 Stay Perfect Polish is £7 from all Boots stores. Quite A reasonable price for the quality I think, and they do have some really nice colours overall.

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