Saturday, 3 March 2012

MUA at Superdrug

Wow great value! I could spend all day at MUA's 'Everything £1' stand at Superdrug! Would you believe that I got all this lot for £8?

I've bought a few things from the range in the past but this is a first time for the nail polishes and the pressed powder. The product from left to right are:

Lipstick in shade 31
Nail polish in shade 15
Nail polish in shade 4
Nail polish in shade 23
Nail polish in shade 3
Nail polish in shade16
Pressed powder in shade 1
Eyebrow pencil in Brunette

The pressed powder is great for day to day wear, quite good coverage but still quite light. Not something I'd wear to last a night out but none the less it's a great day time wear for £1! And the shade is perfect for pale skin like mine.
The brow pencil is my favourite out of everything I bought. I love me a brow pencil :) and this is such a perfect shade of brunette, not too light and not too dark. It stays on all night too.
 The nail polishes I didn't expect much from to be honest, because I'm sure you all know that you have to pay for a polish to last. I was pleasantly surprised though, with 2-3 coats it stays completely chip free for at least two days and the colours are lovely and vibrant! I'll be using them in a post later on so check that out.

The lipstick I bought because I lost my favourite one and this was very close to the shade I was looking for. This is a beautiful colour for a lipstick and I will wear it quite alot but I am still looking for something slightly more orange red. For £1 this was a complete bargain though and does have a long lasting colour especially when used with Lipcote (£3.19).

This full range isn't available online, but they do have a few of the lip shades and some of their other products that range up to £3. Visit in-store Superdrug to make use of the 'Everything £1' stand.


  1. I have that red lipstick, I love it! Its very bright red, great for nights out for a pop of colour :) Those nail polishes look great, I definatley have to try those out! :) New follower ;)

    1. Thank you :) they really are worth the price, great wee collection. Your blog is great as well, I love how you do your eyes. Really beautiful <3

  2. I still can't get over how cheap it is.. And it's not crappy stuff !! Ha. Bargain.