Monday, 30 April 2012

Retro Bauhaus Nail Art Tutorial

This is a nail art tutorial for Retro, Bauhaus style nails.

You will need to use 4 colours, Black, a bright yellow/white, and two extra colours of your choice. It works well with a pastel shade and a vibrate shade like in the first example. Today though I'm using a bright red and a deep blue.

First of all, setting aside the BRIGHT yellow/white, and the black, paint your whole nail with one or two coats of the lighter of the two extra colours. This would be the pastel shade if you choose one, mine is red. I use the lighter colour as the base because it is easier to paint over it if the pigment/colour in the other polishes aren't strong.

Next you need to use your bright yellow or white and create a diagonal block across each nail like shown below.

Use the base of the bush to create the straight line and stroke down towards tip of the nail (it will probably take 2-3 strokes to get the complete line across the nail). You might assume It is easier to create the line in one stroke, but this can get messy! Always do your brush strokes at a right angle to the line you are creating even if it takes 3 strokes to complete the edge (see the picture below). It might take a few coats to cover the base colour depending on the polish.

Next do the same again with the second extra colour but move down a bit so you have a thin line of the bright yellow/white left showing.

Now for the final colour, Black (or another dark alternative). Now we paint a diagonal line half way up the blue block like shown in the picture below, (dont worry about the paint around the nails, check out my  next post to see my little cheat to removing nail polish from the skin around the nail without destroying the design.

Time: 15-20mins
Products: Gosh Nail Laquer - Nero , Star Gazer - 105 , Collection 2000 Hot Looks - Lemon soda , Collection 2000 Hot Looks - Big Hair.

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  1. Nice nails:)