Thursday, 31 May 2012

Pink & white "Candy Stripes" nails

Todays nails I painted over the Matte pink with glossy white stripes. It looks really cute and candy like I think.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Matte Hot Pink

Nails of the day... I used MUA in shade 16 and Models Own Matte Top Coat above this to get the matted texture.

Xox E

Thursday, 24 May 2012

GlossyBox may 2012

Yay it's here! I'll be honest, although I was really pleased with the products that I got to try, I was really disappointed that there was no makeup products. I'm ALL about the makeup so that was a bummer, but everything was really good to try. And the free pocket mirror didn't go a miss.

I haven't got a chance to try any of the products but I'll share with you what I got in my box. First the Eldora false eyelashes! These were my favourite, I rarely have a night out without a pair of false lashes. They are different to ones I'd normally wear with the glitter detail around the lash line but it will be interesting to see how they look on. I'll post a pic when i wear them.

Next is the Noble Isle - summer rising, bath and shower gel. It smells gorgeous. For me it doesn't smell too floral and girly, which I like. I does smell really great, won't be to everyone's taste though I don't think, but it reminds me of a smell from my childhood so I really like it.

Another product which I cannot wait to try is the Apivita face mask with honey. I love Face masks so this is a good one GlossyBox! they must be good though at apparently £3.50 a sachet. Yikes!

The Berber Oil hair treatment I also cannot wait to use, I love hair treatments, not sure about oily products in my hair though but I cannot wait to try anyway and it smells like bubblegum! Hopefully this might sort out my dry ends from recently doing ombre blonde on my tips.

The perfumes don't excite me really, I hate paying for perfume samples when you can get them free in the shops and I usually don't like the ones they send. I don't like the Si Lolita, too spicey and old fashioned for me but the Lolita Lempicka I ADORE! It's quite sweet but at the same time not overly feminine which I like. You can get he 100ml bottle for £25 in selected stores which is a great price.

And of course, GlossyBox was feeling super generous and threw in this free pocket mirror :) cheers!

Happy Birthday GlossyBox!
x E

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Etsy Jewellery sale

20% PRICE CUT over at my Etsy jewellery store for May & June only...

And how about a FURTHER 10% OFF for my beautiful followers with the voucher code SALE10

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Todays nails

Just a post about today's nails. Base is no7 in lilac and detail is La Colours , Art Deco in pink & white :)

Make Your Own Lipstick or Tinted Lipbalm

So I had a lip balm lying around that I rarely used. I decided to use a bit of eye shadow pigment to tint the clear gloss to make a colour I would actually wear on my lips. I added a few different colours until I got the shade I wanted. I also made a MASSIVE mess, so if your doing this put down paper if you don't want to ruin everything around you ^_^

MakeUp Bargain Finds!

I went on a bit of a spending spree with some of my birthday money. Guess how much I paid for all this...

.... Just £20 for the lot at, they even threw in the Blending brush and the brush bag for FREE :) Here's what I got:

1x LA Colours Art Deco Nail Polish -  Intense Pink
1x LA Colours Art Deco Nail Polish -  White
1x LA Colours Art Deco Nail Polish -  Black
1x LA Colours Art Deco Nail Polish -  Yellow

These brushes are great for nail art, the brush is long and thin, perfect for small detail. They only cost a few pennys over £1 each! and the colours come out very strong too. I was disappointed with the pigment in the yellow one though, wasn't as strong as the others.

1x Technic Nail Polish Carnival

This is just fabulous, I'm a sucker for anything glittery, and i love how the glitter in this is different colours and sizes.

1x Saffron Loose Eyeshadow Shimmer Powder- 05

I didn't buy this to use as an eyeshadow, I'm not into wearing extravagant colours on the eyes. I bought this to use as a pigment for a lip colour, it was only £1.99 so why not. Check out my next post I'll show you how I made a great tinted lip balm with it. 

1x Saffron Gel liner with brush - Black

This I love! Because it was only £2.99 I was expecting it to be pretty bad to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised. I never use pencil eyeliner because it doesn't stay in place long enough, so liquid always works best for me. This is beyond good, it dries almost instantly and takes ALOT of scrubbing to remove, an all day jobbie.  You can see below how it looks on my eye, and it's really simple and easy to do with the brush that is provided.

1x Technic Limited Edition Holographic silver shimmer nail polish.

This I tested briefly on one nail, the pigment is very intense and strong, It comes out a proper matte metallic silver.

1x Royal Enhance Blusher Brush
1x Royal Enhance Foundation Brush
1x Royal Enhance Blending Brush

These range from £1.99 - £2.49 and believe me the price doesn't show in the quality of the product. These are exactly the same quality as the brushes that you would pay over £10 for, I would never have a blusher brush like this, just because I would refuse to pay the price, until now! Really great value.

1x Glow in the dark nail polish by BYS

This is my favourite from the lot just because it's a super cool idea. GLOW IN THE DARK!! And it really does work! It's not just silly stuff that glows with UV lights, it actually charges up in the light and will glow bright in a plain dark room, no UV lights needed. Really Awesome. (I'm such a child sometimes.)

Visit, it really is worth it. £20 well spent!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque Offer!

For those of you who got the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque in Feb Jolie box, I'm sure you all LOVED the product. This is one of the best hair products I have tried and the only thing putting me off  buying before now, was the price at around £24. I've found a site threw Make-up-savy where you can get the full 250ml tub for just £14.15 ... Click here to see the offer.

Total bargain, £10 quid off, and it really is worth it. I hope this will recondition my hair after doing Ombre  on it twice. Cannot wait for this to arrive!!