Sunday, 10 June 2012

Shopping Haul

I went on a bit of a spending spree in Boots the other day. Thought I'd share!

I choose Maybelline Colour Sensational Popsticks in 'Pink Lollipop' and 'Citrus Slice'

I've been meaning to try these for a while now after trying the Jane Iredale lip tint. I wasn't sure which shade to go for so I choose two :) I love how they are essentially a lip gloss in a slick. 

The great thing about these popsticks is that they go on clear and gradually change colour. Both of which seem a pinky colour when it's on me but I hear that it varies between person, adapts to their tone.

Out of the two I think I prefer Pink Lollipop, it has a stronger colour to it when I wear it. The Citrus Slice I do still really like, they are both good for a day-to-day lip colour. Not quite bold enough for me to wear on nights out and occasions. They also smell like cherryade :)

The Maybelline 'Super Stay 10hr Lip Tint' I bought in shade 'Endless Ruby'. It didn't quite last 10hrs when put under the test but did fairly well, maybe about 5. It doesn't dry up on your lips which is good, but isn't sticky either.

I really wanted to get some Models Own polishes from their Hedkandi range. I went for 'Beach Party' and 'Balearic Cool'. The pigment in the blue one isn't too strong so at least 3 layers are needed to get a strong colour but the orange I LOVE :) I'll be posting a tutorial soon with these colours.

Friday, 8 June 2012

She Said Beauty box June 2012

This was number 3 of the 3 available beauty boxes in the UK and the cheapest at only £9/mth.

I think overall I was most pleased with this box compared to Jolie and Glossy because although there was variety in them all, this one just got it spot on to my preferences. It might have just been beginners luck, but I've subscribed to a second so we'll see next month if it's just as good :) one thing I would say though is less product more makeup.

We'll start with my favourite, the 'Lets Go Strip lashes in Tease'. I love false lashes of al kinds so it's always great to try some new ones. the style wasn't my favourite from all those available, not dramatic and full enough for to wear on a night out I don't think. None the less they are ones that I think would be acceptable to wear during the day, nice and light and quite natural. Available for £8.95

Next was 'Elemis - Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir' it smells really great, leaves your skin feeling great and really feels like a luxurious product. Available for £19.00

The BB cream sample was 'Ginvera - Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream' which I was impressed with, even though im not a massive fan of BB creams. Normally they would go clumpy and feel quite heavy on my face but this one blended well and feels natural although still was very shiny on my face. Still dont think it's something I would purchase though, only because it doesn't take well to my skin type (quite oily). Available for £20.00

The 'Balance Me - Super Moisturising Hand Cream' I do really like this but I'm not mad about the smell, quite strong old fashioned smell. Does it's job though, leaves your hands feeling super soft and smooth :) Available for £14.50

Another favourite of mine from the box is 'St. Tropez - Gradual Tan Everyday Body' This is something that I've bought before and loved. Smells great and looks great, moisturises the skin while leaving it with a healthy glow definitely one of the best gradual fake tans. Available for £14.30

The last was the perfume sample 'Yardley London - Royal Diamond'. Smells nice but i'm never overly excited about getting perfume samples. There's very few perfumes I like, i'm usually quite particular. It dooes  smell sweet/fresh though and I was surprised at how nice it was. Available from £9.99

x E

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nails of the day - Strawberries

Today I painted little strawberries on my nails. Base is collection 2000 red, the green tips is MUA £1 polish with little yellow dots using LA Colors nail art.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Nail Art

Just a post about my nails of the day, especially for the Jubilee :) simple blue base white crosses with the red on top. Simple but cute. They are also quite messy and sketchy (the detail is quite teeny).