Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rimmel lipstick - colour 'Kiss Me'

I was gutted to find out that Rimmel stopped selling my favourite shade of lipstick, it is a bright orange/red with a matte finish and I'd say I wear it 90% of nights out and occasions. The shade is 'Kiss me -104' and is part of their Colour Show Off range. I only seem to suit matte lipsticks, (I'm just one of those girls that looks like a tranny when I wear glossy or pale lipsticks), and it's so hard to find one the same shade and finish.

Long story short, I'm coming to the end of the road with the one I'm using at the minute, so I went searching online. I came across this website that sells it for a 1/3 of the original price! (i'm assuming that's because it's last seasons stock). So of course I bought two :) Bargain, I had to share. It's worth having a browse around the website, some really great finds in there.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Ginvera whitening marvel gel

Can I just say firsly that this product is just fabulous! It really is my saviour. Basically the idea is that it works like an exfoliator on you face, only it's a gel and there is no beeds or grit. It almost works like a peel only its extremely gentle on your face and safe to use every day.

You can see from the photo that it starts out as a gel, once you gently rub it in you start to feel the dead skin being removed from the surface, this is very visable too. Not only does it remove all your dead skin, reduce blackhead and blemish appearences, but it makes your skin feel so great after too. What makes this product great aswel is that you don't need to wash it off with water,  you can just use a cleanser to wipe away any residue, simple and easy.

A tip from me is that it works great when used before applying your makeup. It leaves you with a perfectly smooth and matte surface to work with, giving great after results.

To buy it costs around £22 for a 60ml bottle, which might seem a bit pricey but I cannot say I own a product that is more worth it! If you shop around you will find cheaper prices and it will last longer than you think.

<3 E

Lolita lempicka

I got a sample of this in one of the beauty boxes I subscribe to, I can't remember which one but I fell in love with it and had to buy the full bottle. I got this on eBay for £27 (50ml) through a beauty shop. Full price is around £45 so it's definitely worth having  a shop around for the best deals. It's also hard to find within the UK so branch out.

It's very hard to describe the smell,  it's nothing like anything I've smelt before, quite fruity and floral at the same time but also extremely delicate and feminine. Its going to be one of my favourites close to Armani Diamonds :)

Also,  Isn't the bottle just stunning!

<3 E