Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rimmel lipstick - colour 'Kiss Me'

I was gutted to find out that Rimmel stopped selling my favourite shade of lipstick, it is a bright orange/red with a matte finish and I'd say I wear it 90% of nights out and occasions. The shade is 'Kiss me -104' and is part of their Colour Show Off range. I only seem to suit matte lipsticks, (I'm just one of those girls that looks like a tranny when I wear glossy or pale lipsticks), and it's so hard to find one the same shade and finish.

Long story short, I'm coming to the end of the road with the one I'm using at the minute, so I went searching online. I came across this website that sells it for a 1/3 of the original price! (i'm assuming that's because it's last seasons stock). So of course I bought two :) Bargain, I had to share. It's worth having a browse around the website, some really great finds in there.

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